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JWU Superheroes: Experiential Education & Career Services

Karon Green compares JWU's Experiential Education & Career Services to a team of special superheroes fighting for the future careers of all JWU students.

We all go to mall for an obvious reason. We go to Starbucks to buy coffee even if the barista spells our name wrong every time and we visit the body shop when our car breaks down! “The struggle!” 

But, when was the last time you visited career services? Was it last week before the career fair? Well, that’s the time when we all go. It doesn’t count considering the many days in the academic year that the office is open! Experiential & Career Services (EE&CS)  is one of the greatest services at JWU. Sometimes, it can be taken for granted but for those of us who use it to the full extent, we reap great benefits. Career Services has prepared me for a successful career and signifies the primary reason for my investment into a solid JWU education. One of the purposes for EE&CS is to give JWU students relevant career advice that compliments the foundation of our wonderful JWU education. Our highly skilled career experts are our superheroes because they are able to connect with a wide range of endless opportunities! We also have access to great interview preparation, state-of-the-art resume critiques, informative workshops, and a huge Career Expo twice in each fall and spring term.

The Providence Downcity Campus EE&CS is located at 30 Chestnut Street, on the first floor of the John Hazen White building. It’s diagonally adjacent to Starbucks so you can visit them right after your coffee is made. The Harborside Campus EE&CS is on the first floor of the Friedman Center. For winter birds who spent a trimester on the North Miami Campus, the office is on the first floor of the Academic Building.   

JWU Providence's Career Services Staff. Photo by Karon Green

During my freshman year, I stepped into the Downcity office for the first time and spoke with Sharon Golde about different opportunities and ways to make the most out of my beginning years at JWU. As a teeny and young freshman, I was still unsure how all this information made sense but it became more and more concrete as the years moved along. I kept going back to Sharon Golde because she always remembered my face and gave me a sweet mint after each visit.

In my junior year, I received great help and sound advice from Sarah Mosely who assisted me with preparing for my internship at the Four Seasons Hotel Miami. As you know it, senior year was the most stressful to endure when looking and interviewing for jobs.  I had a great team of career experts to the rescue from both campuses to step in and save the day. Despite being out of the area on an internship, I was able to conduct helpful and thorough Skype mock interviews with awesome Providence Campus career advisers, Kara Labelle, Cathleen Dionne, and Alice Burrows. It was great that my internship was near the North Miami Campus because I had access to the energetic career adviser Michelle Florio who helped me greatly!  Also, I could never forget about the calming and reassuring advice from Akanksha Aga or the warm and motherly advice from Karen Miller.

2016 Career Fair Photo:Brian GoodmanAs JWU students, we have such a great community of caring people who only want the very best success for us! It’s a great feeling of deep reassurance to know that we’re not alone on our pursuit of success. We are surrounded by a community of dedicated professionals who want to see us grow and succeed beyond our wildest dreams. I extend the greatest thanks to Experiential Education & Career Services for all their dedication and hard work towards my success and that of the JWU student body! Today, I am humble and super thankful to have a great career ahead of me as a Corporate Management trainee with Hyatt Hotels & Resorts and I owe it to Experiential Education & Career Services.

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