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School of Hospitality's Student Leadership Awards

Taylor Shultz was one of 16 honorees at the School Of Hospitality's Student Leadership Awards dinner. Taylor's graduating in May, but she carves out a little time to thank those that have helped her along the JWU way.

On April 18, 2017, the JWU School of Hospitality hosted the Student Leadership Awards dinner at Bistro 61 to recognize students for their outstanding leadership on campus. Out of the 16 students invited to this event, 4 students from each major in the School of Hospitality attended. Students enjoyed a unique opportunity to dine at Bistro 61 while enjoying an excellent 5-course meal prepared by fellow JWU students. Events like this are an excellent example of the way that hospitality students are treated at JWU, they are recognized for their achievements by faculty who spread their hospitable nature. As with many things, this can be a lesson we take with us into the future.

Amanda Sandoval, Taylor Shultz and Serena Sheffer.

Take a walk to Xavier Academic Complex at any time during the week and students and faculty can be seen opening doors for you or smiling as you walk by them in the hallway, despite whether you know them or not. It is often said that the best way to teach someone something is to lead by example. This is exactly what is done at the School of Hospitality. I've found that during my time here at JWU, the faculty and staff take the time to recognize students for their dedication and hard work. I would like to add that it is not only students that excel academically who are recognized, but also the students who are extremely hard working and involved. I feel that it's important to recognize the strengths in different types of people and help them grow as future industry leaders by giving them the opportunities to excel and be recognized by their work.

Inviting students to the Leadership Awards Dinner is a way to to teach us the value of recognizing people for their accomplishments. As I said before, leading by behavior is an excellent teaching tool. When students such as myself graduate in a matter of weeks, we will be able to take this lesson with us. Students who are recognized for their efforts feel positively about themselves and are motivated to work hard. In turn, employees who are recognized for their efforts will do the same. As I near the beginning of my professional career, I will remember the way that I felt and will remember to take the time out of my day to recognize my future employees. As students, we often work tirelessly to complete assignments, projects and study for exams all while trying to maintain good grades, a job and leadership positions, yet sometimes we feel these efforts go unnoticed. When these efforts are noticed, it makes it easier to go the extra mile.

Taylor is flanked by 2 JWU professors: Magnus Thorsson (left) and Paul McVety, Ed.D.

The School of Hospitality helps educates their students by leading by example. Hospitality students are often recognized for their own accomplishment in large and small ways, whether it be through an awards dinner or a professor recognizing them after class. Faculty and staff within are helping students to learn the meaning of hospitality through their actions. Ultimately, being rewarded for excellent work helps students to better understand what hospitality is and how to emulate it in the future.

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Bistro 61 is JWU's very own student-operated upscale bistro in downtown Providence, RI. 

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