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JWU Providence Student Bianca Expresses Herself Poetically

When JWU Providence student Bianca isn’t crafting poems, she’s involved in the Global Citizens Club, Cultural Connections, JWU Project and Pride Alliance. In this first poem, Bianca introduces herself to the JWU community.

My name is Bianca, I always have something to say,

Life isn’t black and white to me, it's gray.

I am not the perfect scholar,

Having bad grades makes me screech and holler.

Sometimes I look nice; sometimes I look like a slop,

Regardless my goal is to reach the top.

I try to keep busy and manage my time,

I like movies and naps as a pastime.

I’m a student in the School of Hospitality,

I always try to keep a positive mentality.

I work as a Student Assistant at Marketplace,

Wrapping burritos like it’s a race.

I’m involved on campus and in clubs,

And I can be found scrounging the dining halls looking for grub.

My favorite color is pink and I don’t eat meat,

I Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and tweet.

I love peanut butter and walks in the park,

And country music and staying up past dark.

I’m bad at math and I’m bad at ending things.

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