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JWU Nostalgia: Tales From a Burnt-out Senior

Autumn R. Hawkins kicks off her last term at JWU Providence doing one the many things she does well: writing. Autumn has big plans for the future, but first, she has to get through her senior year.

Today, I begin my last term at Johnson & Wales University. It is exciting because I have worked very hard to get to this point in my college career but it is also scary because I don’t know what my future holds. Do I stay in Providence? Do I apply to graduate school or do I go back home to New Jersey? These are all possibilities and narrowing down options is the hardest part. However, on top of all of that I must maintain my GPA, continue working, add content to my portfolio, have as much fun as I can with my college friends—whom I am sure will turn into life-long friends—as well as keeping my sanity. It’s a lot to juggle as a senior in college but I couldn’t be more excited to start my last first day tomorrow which is making me a little nostalgic, so here we go.

Will Autumn stay in Providence?

As mentioned in my bio, I am a senior in the Media and Communications program and I absolutely love my major. And, no I am not being paid to say that. I love my major for a lot of reasons starting with the fact that I can go into almost any media or communications related field, my classmates are like family to me and I have an amazing support system of staff helping me out along the way. When I started my college career here at Johnson & Wales, I knew I loved to write and I could possibly see myself going into journalism. I joined the JWU Campus Herald as a staff writer and my junior year I was offered the position as the multimedia editor. It might seem like completely opposite ends of the media spectrum—writing to producing—but to me, it was just the beginning of exploring another way to tell a story.

Through other posts I will go more in-depth with my experience here at JWU—there’s a lot of fun and experiential stories to share—but I truly believe that Johnson & Wales has opened my eyes to the aspects of media I didn’t find myself interested in at the start. Even though it is quite sad that I will be leaving soon, the memories, lessons and friends I have made will last a lifetime.

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