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JWU Denver Student Educates Teens on Driver Safety

National Teen Driver Safety Week is on October 16-22, 2016 and JWU Denver student Jacob Smith's internship at Safe Kids Worldwide is spreading awareness and helping educate teens about the importance of safety and driving.

It's already October! Where did September go? I guess it is still true that time does go by fast when you're having fun. 

To give you a quick update, the trip I took a few weeks ago to meet with General Motors (GM) executives went very well! It was a wonderful experience to brainstorm more on how Safe Kids Worlwide and GM can collaborate together on teen traffic safety campaigns. If you didn't know, Chevrolet will be adding the Teen Driver Technology to nine other cars in 2017! It is a privilege to work with companies that have safety in cars as a top priority.
Just one of the many lessons that Jacob Smith hopes to communicate through his work with Safe Kids Worldwide.
Since returning from Detroit, GM's headquarters, I've been continuing to develop an approach that Safe Kids can take that empowers teens to drive change in their communities. Personally, I know that young people influence so much in our society, so I'd like to think that young people can change the statistic that states car crashes are the #1 killer of teens! This cannot be done unless we empower teens and develop multi-dimensional partnerships that can reach teens. If we can get the largest generation of people to commit to something, we can change the world! 

Jacon Smith's internship brought him to Detroit, GM headquarters.
Although I only have a little over a month left at this internship, it has been a privilege to work with companies like General Motors, Honeywell, McNeil, FedEx, and more to reduce preventable injuries among children globally. 

Next week is National Teen Driver Safety Week and I will be traveling to San Francisco for round table discussion event with students,  Mark Rosekind from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Kate Carr, President and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide.

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