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JWU Culinary: It’s So Worth It

JWU’s College of Culinary Arts is about so much more than learning how to cook. JWU Providence student Ismael Carrizales details the dedication and passion of his chef instructors for making all the hard work worth it.

Something I’ve noticed about being a student at JWU is how so many events occur here that provide students a look into each of our careers. Being a part of the culinary arts program means not only being able to get a taste of my industry, but it also means networking and experiencing new things in class every day.

Chef Pal & Chef Idell. Photo credit: Mike Cohea

One of my favorite things about being a culinary major is all of the visiting chefs and demonstrations. These demonstrations aren’t only a great method of alternative education, but a great way to explore the industry. Through these demonstrations, I've learned about seafood fishing around the world, making traditional prosciutto and Parmesan cheese in Italy and how to create the perfect crab cake. Hearing these speakers talk about their lives and careers has really opened my eyes to the possibilities available to me.

I love how JWU pushes us to get into our respective industries while we’re still students. From instructors encouraging me to go to career fairs to finding the perfect internship to just making connections in class, I’ve never felt more motivated to get myself out there. I’ve had friends receive job offers from chefs and I’ve even had chefs offer to help me find a summer job. No matter where you go, there’s always someone pushing you to get a head start on your future.

My chefs have also been a great resource to me in figuring out what I want to do when I graduate. I’ve learned so much from their lectures and I’ve also learned about their personality and experiences from the stories they tell us. Not gonna lie, if some of my chefs wrote autobiographies, I’d probably buy and read each one. To me, it’s incredible to hear about how some chefs grew up poor and turned themselves into restaurateurs or how some overcame difficult situations to achieve their goals. Just being around them makes me feel like I have a lot to look forward to in my future.

My experience at JWU, so far, has been incredible. I’ve never been around a group of people so passionate about what they do and it fills me up with the passion I need to keep going. I’m not saying doing this is easy. It’s far from it. But that just shows me that what I’m working for, through everything going on in my life, this is definitely going to be worth it.

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