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JWU Denver Student Named Traffic Safety Scholar

JWU Denver student Jacob Smith was recently named a 2017 Traffic Safety Scholar for his dedication to road safety as a speaker, consultant and activist. In March, he traveled to North Carolina to attend the National Lifesavers Conference and receive his well-earned award. 

Jacon & Skylar Yoder, road safety activist Cornell University.

I was recently named a 2017 Traffic Safety Scholar (TSS) and awarded a scholarship to attend the 35th annual National Lifesavers Conference on Highway Safety Priorities in Charlotte, NC. I attended this conference last year, but this year I connected with others and gained knowledge from professionals across the country.

The conference offered engaging workshops on occupant protection, impaired driving, distracted driving, law enforcement, vehicle technology and much more. I focused my attention on sessions that were about improving pedestrian and road safety as a public health perspective. Attending the sessions informed me about developing strategies for pedestrian educational programs as well as community enforcement programs. I also attended a session that provided a high-level overview of road safety on a global perspective and effective prevention measures that can be taken from public health professionals.

A perfect view in Chralotte, NC.

I was thrilled to attend the workshop, “A Public Health Perspective on Preventing Motor Vehicle Crash Deaths”. Facilitated by Natalie Draisin from the FIA Foundation, the presentation focused on traffic fatalities in the United States and shared effective prevention measures that have been used world-wide, such as speed management and safe routes to school.

The 2017 Traffic Safety Scholars

Additionally, I collaborated with Safe Kids Worldwide during the conference as an exhibitor. I worked with Safe Kids this past year as a road safety intern. This year, Safe Kids merged their exhibitor space with General Motors to highlight their 20th  anniversary of the Buckle Up partnership. Throughout the conference, we highlighted the partnership showcasing the most successful national road safety program focused on protecting kids and teens in and around cars. Not only was this a fantastic learning experience, but my time networking with other safety professionals empowered me to continue my work in road safety.

Jacob Smith is a sophomore at  JWU Denver majoring in business administration and media and communications.

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