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Here At Last!

First off, I had a great time in Los Angeles getting to spend time with friends and family. But, I was definitely eager to get to Melbourne. When I got to my gate at LAX, I met a few of the people in my program who were all so nice. When we boarded the plane, five minutes before take off, no one was in my row. I thought to myself, could I be this lucky again? But, within the next minute, a guy sat down. Shucks! Fortunately the seat in between us was empty though. I got to talking to the guy and funny enough he is from Melbourne, but planning on moving to Colorado. Such a small world we live in.

The flight went really well overall, until the last three hours. I felt nauseous and couldn’t eat my breakfast. I did manage to sleep for a good chunk of time though before that. Getting through customs at the airport was easy peasy and my bag did make it. There were eight of us from the study abroad program who were at the airport waiting to go to the hotel, so we split two cabs to save some money.

The hotel we are staying at is in the middle of the city and very nice for the price we are probably paying. My roommate seems like one of the sweetest people on this trip, so hopefully we will have a good time. When we arrived at the hotel, our rooms weren’t ready yet, so the eight of us wandered around the city. We went to Queen Victoria Market, which is located a block away from where we are staying. It is an area with a lot of cafes on the outside and a flea market sort of thing in the center.

We then proceeded to walk around and ran into a huge shopping center called the Emporium. No joke, it was six stories high and kept going on for a few blocks. I didn’t buy anything because I was exhausted from traveling and being thrown into a new country.

After the shopping center, we went back to the hotel and our rooms were ready. We had an hour or two of free time before our first group meeting. I got settled in and forced myself to stay awake as I knew a nap would mess up my sleeping schedule. Our meeting was just the basics about Australia, the courses, and meeting everyone.

After the meeting, a group of us went to grab dinner at a bar around the corner from the hotel called Oxford Scholar. It had what I would assume normal bar food is like nachos, burgers, salads, and pastas. We all got to know each other a little better which is nice not knowing a single person on the trip.

After dinner, we all headed back to our rooms. I knew I needed to stay awake until at least 9:00pm, so I watched a TV show and then crashed instantly. It was a really good first day and I’m excited to see what more is too come!



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