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Hannah’s Trek to JWU

Emily Lemieux introduces readers to JWU Providence student Hannah Blossom. Hailing from West Chester, PA, Hannah has a passion for running, exotic locales and Providence. Get to know Hannah like Emily does.

West Chester, PA may not be on the map for most people to visit, but it has contributed to popular culture in interesting ways such as reggae singer Matisyahu, scenes from Jackass: The Movie and Marley & Me. West Chester is also home to one of JWU's students majoring in tourism & hospitality management and for that, we have to give the town props. Hannah Blossom heard about the tourism program at JWU as a senior in high school. But, courses that fulfilled her passion for video production, video editing and travel were not the only reason that Hannah decided to come to Johnson & Wales.

Hannah Blossom enjoys a camel ride in Jordan.

Growing up, Hannah’s family would travel to a new and exotic place every year. In high school, she kept busy with soccer and basketball. The basketball team provided Hannah even more opportunities to travel, like when the team went on a group trip to Jordan for a basketball tournament and she got to explore what it is like to travel on your own. Throughout high school, she continued to visit places all around the world such as China, France and England. Hannah says that what draws her so strongly to travel is getting to go to new places and experience new people and different cultures; this is what eventually brought her here to JWU.

Not only is Hannah here pursuing more knowledge about travel, she is also studying her second love: video editing. Although she did not major in media & communication studies, she has taken all the possible applicable courses and claims that digital journalism is her favorite class, despite the countless hours it takes to perfect a product. If there is a big event on campus, you're sure to see Hannah there reporting on it for video production class.

Hannah Blossom, runner, travel enthusiast and water lover.

If she’s not with a camera, and she’s not learning about travel, Hannah is likely running at the gym. This past year, she joined the JWU cross-country team and could not be happier that she did. “The first year I was here I didn’t run cross country, but I missed the feeling of being on a team and I feel like sports is kind of what keeps me going. I like being a part of the community and being a part of the team.”

Perhaps it’s not even JWU, but the city itself that explains why Hannah is so happy here. When asked to define her favorite thing about Providence, Hannah shared that, “It’s a city but it has a town feel to me and I really like that. It’s how it’s laid out and it’s just beautiful. Everything is kind of connected in a central location but you can still feel like you’re in one specific area when you go out and venture off.” With Johnson & Wales, Rhode Island School of Design and Brown, Providence is the perfect place for a running, travel tourism major to explore.

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