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Great Ocean Road

We had a very long day today, but it was well worth the 14 hours on and off the bus. We got to take a tour of the Great Ocean Road, which had multiple stops and was the most gorgeous view of the ocean I have ever seen.11722274_10205869369406636_4180090044438371493_o

We started off stopping at a golf course along the way because it just so happens that kangaroos frequent the courses, so we were able to get pictures of kangaroos. It was quite exciting because you haven’t truly seen Australia until you’ve seen a kangaroo.

Our next stop was the memorial arch which just said “Great Ocean Road”, but there was a trail down to the water so a few of us went down to take pictures and touch the water. This water was so blue, it is unbelievable (and it kept getting bluer as the tour continued).

Our bus driver was sweet enough to buy us all breakfast snacks with tea and coffee that we ate in the park. There were these really good coconut cake bars that are called Lamingtons. The most entertaining part of this stop were the cockatoos that were stalking us and our food. They eventually attacked a few people who weren’t very protective of their food.

The next stop was the eucalyptus forest were we got to feed parakeets and see koalas. We were given bird seeds and I held out my hand and one flew onto my back and another onto my arm. I got up and was just admiring the bird because it’s not everyday that a parakeet sits on your arm. Then I continued to walk up the hill (with the bird still on my arm) to see if I could find any koalas. There was one sleeping in a tree really close to the trail, so much so that we could hear it snoring! They are to die for cute. I wandered a bit off trail to see if I could find any other koalas but unfortunately I didn’t find any.


At the next stop, we walked on a boarded path through a redwood forest. I felt as though I were in an Indian Jones or Jurassic Park movie, it was so green and quiet. There were some trees that were over 350 years old and some had really cool hollow stumps that you could stand in.


The next stop we made was one of the most stunning things I have ever seen. The Twelve Apostles are quite a wonder. Just listening to the sounds of the massive waves and looking at the structure of the apostles felt unreal.


The next stop was the gorge. We went down the stairs to the water and this view was amazing too. It looked like the pictures of those “hidden beaches” with the turquoise water and the cliffs. We only had half an hour at this stop, but there were a few trails that you could take to get different views. My friend Trevor and I really wanted to see more so we ran down one of the trails and I’m glad we did because it was another great view and it was actually a view of more than we could see from the gorge.


By the time we left the gorge the sun was setting and we all thought it was time to head back to the hotel when our bus driver pulled off not five minutes later into another lot. We walked to the path he told us to and it was a crazy cool view of more cliffs and water, but the sun was setting. We could also see Jupiter and Venus really well.

After that stop, we started to head back to the hotel, which was a three hour drive. We were all exhausted, but an hour into the drive three different groups had started playing Ellen Degeneres’ app Heads Up. It got really loud but it was really fun. Like I said, it was a really long day, but it was definitely worth the bus ride. 



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