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Freshman Year: A Tizzy of Exhilaration & Uncertainty

 I remember when I realized I’d be spending the next four years here,

I was excited but also filled with fear.

I unpacked in my dorm and introduced myself to new faces,

Explored the campus and discovered new places.


Everyone was nervous, I knew it wasn’t just me,

My decisions were finally my own and life seemed carefree.

The seniors walked around without a care,

It was weird realizing that I’d someday be there.


I realized the decisions I made would affect my life in some way,

Doing my homework, late nights, and club events every day.

New experiences, new friends, new perspectives, a new home,

Calling my parents to help them cope with empty nest syndrome.


School work was definitely stressful at first, but I got a hang of it,

Don’t get me wrong though, there were definitely nights when I threw a fit.

I worked on campus and that took up some of my time,

And when I was finally completed with everything I enjoyed my downtime.


I often am told that these years will be the best years of my life,

Even though sometimes I feel like an exhibit in the wildlife.

I made new memories every day that I still remember today,

Work, class, sleep and I never let myself forget, play.


I’d love to replay my freshman year,

Life was so exciting and new and everything and also nothing seemed clear.

Not knowing what was to come, I opened every door.

Topics: Campus Life