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Facing My Fears: Diving with Sharks

What better way to spend our last day in Cape Town then diving with Great White Sharks!

 Shark diving is a huge tourist attraction for South Africa, especially since South Africa is where Shark Week is filmed. Now I personally have a huge fear of sharks, like HUGE. When I saw that there was an optional shark diving on the itinerary I thought it’s either now or never! And I guess the rest of the group had the same idea. Every student on the trip decided to go with the shark diving option. What we didn’t realize was that it entailed waking up at 4 in the morning, travelling almost 2 hours, getting on a boat before the sun was even risen, trying to put a TIGHT wetsuit on while the boat was rocking and not falling over the edge and more than likely getting sea sick as soon as you get out of the cage. None the less the experience was AWESOME! Diving with sharks was not on my bucket list, but I am glad I did it. After the experience, I have a weird acceptance of sharks. I use to think they were the ugliest animal on the planet, but now they're just kind of ugly. I am glad I was able to face one of my fears in probably one of the best places to do it. As they say, when in South Africa, dive with sharks!

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