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RISD Art Museum

Last Thursday I took a trip with my art history class and some friends to the RISD art museum. We went to the museum because we later have to write an essay on our favorite piece of art and the professor wanted us to look at a collection of work with our own eyes instead of just google searching artwork. My class, friends, and I had a great time looking at all six floors of the museum. That’s right I said six floors. The museum had various famous works but also artwork from RISD college students. I think it’s magnificent that someone around the same age as me can say that their artwork is in a museum, the amount of talent all of the artists have are phenomenal. I decided to talk about the RISD art museum in my blog this week because I encourage everyone to go over to RISD (which is legit a 5 minute walk from the downcity library) and appreciate the artwork. The museum is free for students every Sunday so why not indulge yourself in one of the many cultural experiences Rhode Island has to offer.