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Next Week at JWU Denver: Monsanto Talks

Next week, Robert Fraley, the Executive Vice President and Technology Officer of agricultural super-business Monsanto, will be here to speak to our campus.

Now, if you are interested in food politics (and if you are in culinary arts, maybe you should be), you know the amount of controversy the surrounds Monsanto and their practices, especially regarding genetically modified grains. Rumor is, the majority of the speaker’s time will be an open floor for questions, after a brief introduction about feeding a growing population.

It should be incredibly interesting to see what Fraley is asked and what he has to say in return. If you have any questions you would like to see asked, reply to this post, ask our page, or make a post and tag it, #JWUasksMonsanto.

What do you want to ask Robert Fraley?