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Preview Day/The Grange

I hope everyone’s week was great with the first week of spring tri classes already over. I had the great opportunity to be involved with preview day for prosperous incoming freshman for the fall term! It was great being able to represent my major and tell the life of an everyday media and communications student here on campus. I was able to talk to the students about why my major is so unique and the fact that myself as well as two other students who were with me will be a part of the inaugural class of media communications students. Since the program is so new (only two years old) it was important for us to speak to possible freshman about the uniqueness and customization qualities of the major. I am honored to be doing this for my second time. What made the experience even more worthwhile was that I, along with two other students got to have brunch with one of our favorite professors who helped with preview day as well. Here is a picture of our delicious brunch from The Grange located on Broadway!

I hope everyone has a great week with classes (only 9 more weeks until summer break)!