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We've been Blessed!

Its beginning to look a lot like Spring time! The sun is shinning, the snow is melting, and the heavy coats are coming off. I walked out the doors of my apartment this morning with SUNGLASSES on..Sunglasses guys! I can’t believe I am excited to feel 45 degree whether because I’m use to 60 degrees and higher, but this is a nice break from the freezing cold.


But in other news!!

Yesterday I woke up on time to catch the wildcat bus at Renaissance dorm and the but was LATE! I was late to my first day of class along with others, but that wasn’t bad…it was the first day after all. Today however, I woke up EARLY with the assumption that I had a 9:20 Art History class today. I walked into the classroom and I looked at the white screen and it read HOSPITALITY. I walked fast out of the class, and my friend Dre told me our class wasn’t until 11:30. So now that I had this nice extra time on my hand I decided to walked to the lovely Starbucks and and blog!!

So thats my little first day of class experience for you all :)



I am currently taking Writing for Digital Media (aka SOCIAL MEDIA!!), Television Studies (all about those amazing tv shows that are currently on the air and those that are not like Johnny Bravo or Rugrats), Art History (self explanatory), and Travel Writing (lets take some trips guys)!! Im really excited for this tri, and I am aiming high.