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Entremets, petits gateaux, & lots and lots of pretzels!

This week has been so busy! I’m so tired, but most of that is relief because I’m finally done with my Entremet practical and final project. All in all I really did enjoy the class - the cool thing about entremets is that they’re cakes with no smoothly-iced buttercream involved!

Today’s practical was another raspberry Bavarian entremets, and two petits gateaux. I had a few technical flaws, but I think they’re easily fixed with more practice. I’d really love to keep making different ones on my own time and playing with different textures and flavors. Petits gateaux are really fun - I love making these miniature cakes look so bright and exciting.

Between all my studying (and panicking!) for the practical and final, I took some time last night to go bake heart-shaped pretzels with Operation Peace, Love & Bread, a club here on campus that I love being a part of. Last night we dipped, baked, and then packaged the pretzels to get them ready to sell. We’re selling two of these pretty large salted pretzels for $5, and if that isn’t a good enough deal, your money goes to help Crossroads Rhode Island and other shelters and charities around the city. Sound good? We’ll be right outside the Harborside Starbucks from noon til 2pm tomorrow selling again!

Operation Peace Love & Bread does several bakes each term to deliver to shelters, so not only are you brushing up on your bread baking skills, but you’re helping the community! Check out their blog and some great photos of past bakes here: http://operationplb.weebly.com/

I’m so excited that tomorrow’s finally Friday, but my weekend is pretty busy too. I’ll be spending Valentine’s morning making chocolate amenities with the Pastry Arts club, and I’m looking forward to that.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the last few weeks of winter term - we’re almost through!