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As many of you know, the historical blizzard in New England, Juno, hit
this week causing JWU to close Monday night- Wednesday! Tuesday marked
my first snow day! I remember waking up being very tired and all, then I
looked outside my window and was blinded by the bright white snow! I
was so excited especially since later in the day, my friends and I
planned to go outside and play in the snow! We had a mini snowball
fight, walked around the snow, and made snow angels! So many people here
think I am crazy for loving whenever it snows and being so excited
about it, but it’s just because they grew up with it all of their life. A
lot of my friends back home think I’m crazy for going so far away
especially to a place that gets snow since I am not the biggest fan of
the cold; however, I think experiencing something new is what life is
all about! While many of my friends went to a new part of California,
California is all they are going to know unless they decide to venture
out. They will never be able to experience what it is like to live where
is snows and where there is multiple seasons! College is only four
years, a small portion of our lives, so why not venture out and try new

Above is a picture of my friend, Vlad, and I
representing California in the cold dressed in shorts, sandals, and a
t-shirt/tank. Everyone looked at us like we were absolutely crazy, but I
must say, it was not actually as bad as it looks! It was colder
standing inside with the door constantly opening and closing bringing in
the cold air rather than standing out there for about five minutes.

I look forward to the many memories I will soon be making, and I look forward to more snowy days!