JWU Student Blogs


Last week I got the opporutnity to speak in front of a board of represetatives that work for Johnson and Wales as promoters of the school. I told them of my experiences in the fashion program at this campus and what I think of it, how this campus is the best of all for a fashion major! I was so pleased to be asked by our dean, Dr.Garcia to participate in this, especially as a freshman. After the presentation one of the board memebers who represented Palm beach county, where I went to high school, came up to me and asked me to speak to highschool students who are interested in fashion! I am speaking at Olympic Heights High School this upcoming Tuesday, I am very excited!

Oh yeah, and guess what…Its Homecoming Week! Last night there was a comedy hypnotist performance and it was so so funny, words cannot describe how amazing it was to see two of my best friends be asked to do and the most ridiculous things without even arguing about it! I cannot wait to see what the rest of the week has to offer! Pictures to come!!!

Furthermore, tomorrow I have a job interview at Bloomingdales at the Aventura Mall, I am both excited and nervous!