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I wanna stuff some chocolate in my faaaaace!

*I apologize for the Frozen reference above. But come on. I had to.

I’m loving this chocolate class so much better than cakes! I don’t know if I’d say I’m particularly great at it yet, but it’s so much less frustrating working with chocolate than icing a cake!

Also, I don’t think there are many things I’d rather do than work in a room smelling (and tasting!) chocolate all day. Today was only day 4, but we’ve been working on truffles and our first bonbons.

It’s challenging, definitely, but it’s so much fun to taste what we’ve come up with. Yesterday’s creation was a basic milk chocolate truffle, but this was certainly not your run-of-the-mill milk chocolate. We also discussed the importance of emulsifying the ganache and I’ve never done that before, and it makes such a difference in the texture.

Today we worked on bonbons, and my group’s was a honey ginger ganache enrobed in milk chocolate. I have a lot to work on with my dipping technique, but I still have a few days to practice.

I’m sure the rest of this week will fly by - two more days of chocolates and I also have my interview for an RA position for next year. My original plan was only to stay here for one year to get my associate’s degree, but after lots of research and chats with my parents, I would very much like to stay another year to finish a bachelor’s. Being an RA would definitely help make that happen, and I’m sure it’d be so much fun!

Hope you all are enjoying your labs and classes as much as I am, and I hope you’re staying warm!