JWU Student Blogs


Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful week. This week was really exciting because I got the chance to meet Piper Kerman, author of Orange is the New Black and consultant on the popular Netflix series of the same name. Here are some pictures from the event :)

The following day I got to listen in on a lecture about law enforcement in the media which particularly pertained to my major. It was really interesting in seeing how the law enforcement and media journalists relationships have evolved. On Friday I got the opportunity to watch “Dear White People” in the Wildcat Center and participate in a live discussion with those who viewed the movie as well. Everyone expressed their opinion in light of having communities come together and stop stereotyping others based on preconceived misconceptions. The catering also really great (shoutout to the culinary students) who provided the food.

That Saturday I got the chance to be one of the student representatives of my major (Media and Communications) and talk to prospective students during preview day. It was great talking to students and parents about the program because I feel it is so unique and progressing so well. Yesterday one of my friends and I went to go see Kevin Hart’s movie Wedding Ringer and it was HILARIOUS. I would definitely suggest it to anyone who wants a good laugh.

This week/weekend was so great involving myself in so many activities and now I am ready to conquer this week. Have a fun week everyone!