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Winter Week at JWU Denver

Last week here at the Denver campus was a blast! Even though it was winter week, the weather actually decided to be more like spring, which in my opinion made all the Winter in Wonderland activities even better! As a reminder, here are the events that CAB planned for us throughout the week:

My favorite two events were seeing Magician Peter Boie on Tuesday evening and the Winter Formal on Friday.

Peter Boie, A.K.A. the Magician for Non-Believers, was great! He had a perfect mix of humor, drama, and shock factor! I particular liked his paranormal-esque trick with some whiteboards that wrote by themselves, it was really crazy and I still am trying to figure out how he managed it!

Getting all dolled up and heading over to the Roxy Theatre was a blast! The music selection was incredible and the colored lights hitting the crowd gave the perfect mood!

If you’d like to see more pictures from Winter Week or have more information about the type events that the lovely Campus Activities Board plans for us, visit their Facebook page here!

Next week: a review of Boulder, Colorado!