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Wednesday was quite the busy day for me. It started with an interview for Career Explorations, which is a summer program for prospective students. While the interview was mainly for Career Explorations, they were also being held for summer jobs in admissions because who knows the school better than a Collegiate Ambassador Team member (CAT). The interview went very well and on Thursday, I got a call from Admissions requesting a second interview on this coming Wednesday. Fingers crossed that I get offered either position!

Later that night, my best friend, Ray Nunez launched his revamped website along with his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page. Feel free to check out his website, raynunez.com, or follow us on Instagram at raynunezdotcom, or follow us on Twitter at @raynunezdotcom! He is a graphic designer like myself, and we post lots of interesting articles about design! This was really big because earlier in the week he asked me to be his Social Media Manager! It’s such an amazing opportunity and a great resume builder, and I cannot wait to move forward with this!