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There's no feeling quite as nice as the end of practical day!

As if having a class for three days and then having two and a half weeks off and THEN coming back wasn’t annoying enough, it just wasn’t a good class for me. Intro to Cakes covers some pretty basic skills, like icing cakes over and over again, but I don’t feel like I ever quite got it.

I think most pastry students get into the industry because they have a fantasy of decorating beautiful wedding cakes, and I was no exception. But clearly, cakes just don’t really have a place in my skill set.

That’s okay though, I still have lots of new skills to try! Today’s practical was alright, just a “simple” (in theory) birthday cake with roses and a smooth coat of icing. I finished at the last minute, but got everything done. I have an awfully long way to go to make a decent looking cake, but today’s was my best yet.

Tomorrow I start my Chocolates class, and I’m pretty excited for it. It’s my very last freshman lab, then I start sophomore labs! Is it just me, or is this year going extremely fast?

Hope you all are having a great winter trimester so far, snow and all!