JWU Student Blogs

Hey Everyone!

Oh gosh, I’m so late with my first blog post, life’s just swept me up and wouldn’t let me down.

But, so, uh… hi! I’m a transfer student in my sophomore year at JWU Providence and I’m a media and communications major. I love movies, books, and art, and I was born and raised here in RI.

I’m going to be posting mostly about things here in Rhode Island: what’s happening in my hometown, events I go to, places to see… although there’ll also probably be reviews about movies and just general school things. Rhode Island will likely be the biggest focus though.

Winter here can be pretty harsh…

…but it’s always pretty after the sun comes out.

Still not very fun to drive in though.

But anyway, I hope everyone’s had a great holiday and a happy new year!

- Steph