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Still sunny & 75 in at JWU North Miami!

Hey guys & Happy New Year!! Woo 2015 is FINALLY here!

These past few months have been my very favorite since I’ve been at JWU down here in Miami because we still have absolutely beautiful weather in the winter!! The last week of December I spent just about every day at the beach because classes were out and I was off of work still. Just today, January 7th, I spent my whole afternoon at the pool tanning and catching up with friends…this weather in the winter is a dream come true for anyone from the north!

I also am in the process of completing my Miami bucket list since at the end of February I am transferring up to the Providence campus! One thing on the bucket list was a Miami tourist speed boat tour and let me tell you, it was incredible! A couple of my best friends here and I took the last tour they offered and we caught the sunrise on the ocean, which was phenomenal! Here is a sneak pic for you guys:

I have decided for 2015 my word of the year will be enjoy. I feel like sometimes we get so caught up in certain things or so focused on the future that we completely forget to fully enjoy what we are doing in that moment.

Take care ya’ll && send some snow pictures this way!!