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Happy New Year Charlie Brown!

2015. It seems surreal that we are this far into the 2000s. Remember those old Disney Channel shows of 2005? Or how we thought the world would end in 2012? These are all things we as millennials have been apart of. But as this new year rolls out and resolutions are made, there is one thing imperative to remember. We at Johnson & Wales must remember our youth.
Now I am a prime example of wanting growing up and take on responsibility. Heck, with so many student loans how can anyone afford leisure, right? But if there is one thing I have learned by being a student here is to live a little. Don’t let excuses hinder making a memory. Go to that student planned activity. Stand in line for hours with ur friends in the freezing cold waiting for a cheesy raffle. I know that sounds miserable but it’s moments like that you will remember for the rest of your life. And when you take advantage of those wholesome moments of pure bliss, where nothing matters but what’s in that instant, that is when your college experience is made.

So for this new year, I have one resolution (working out doesn’t count). I vow to do at least 15 things that remind me of my youth, one for each of the years since 2000. And I challenge you, oh JWU, to that and to remember your youth.