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It's beginning to look a lot like Chr - oh, wait.

I’m excited to be back in Providence after a fun two weeks at home, especially because of the weather. In central Florida, the temp never got below 75 degrees, and stayed mostly around 85. That probably sounds nice to you all, but it’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit when you’re sweating in shorts and a t-shirt!

So imagine my excitement when I walked out of TF Green yesterday and saw…


Now why we couldn’t have had a little snow on the ground before Christmas I don’t know, but late is better than none at all!

I was way too excited to set my stuff down and go back outside. That’s the thing about coming from south Florida - it’s been about ten years since I’ve walked around in snow, so I get a little over-excited.

But it’s just so PRETTY!

Give me until 6;30 tomorrow morning, and then ask me how I like the snow. It’s going to be pretty painful getting out from under my covers so early, I know that, and it’s only a matter of time before I slip on ice!

Hope you all had a fun and safe New Year, and are looking forward to getting back to winter tri!