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A season of giving, and giving back

Merry Christmas, fellow bloggers! Hope you all are having a great, restful break so far. Not surprisingly, I’ve been busy doing some holiday baking for the family, testing out some new recipes that I’ve only used once or twice in class. So far they’ve been a success, especially my Pannetone that I made a few days ago to test it before I make it for everyone again on Christmas eve.

Panettone is an Italian holiday bread with a noticeable orange flavor and light texture. I’ve made them miniature sized here, but they’re often sold as big, round loaves that can be sliced like a cake. It got great reviews from my parents who got to taste the test batch, so hopefully these will be a new Christmas baking tradition.

Speaking of traditions, every Christmas, my family makes time for a little community service project. Whether we help through a church or a homeless shelter, we like to help with one of the many charities that provide Christmas gifts to children that wouldn’t get anything on Christmas morning otherwise. This year, we went to a local shelter to help unload trucks full of toys and set them up inside. It’s so cool to see what a community can provide when we come together!

Between baking tons of stuff and volunteering, I’ve been pretty busy and I’m looking forward to spending these next couple of days relaxing with my family. While some of you will be sitting in front of a warm fire or sipping on hot chocolate, there’s no need for that here in Florida - it’s looking like we’ll be experiencing a chilly 80 degrees!