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Birthdays, Album releases, and Sickness

This week was not so eventful but it was great finally adjusting back to going to class (only to leave next week for break). I really enjoyed celebrating one of my best friend’s birthdays at the Cheesecake Factory on Thursday and ordering my favorite meal (chicken fingers and fries), which resembles what a five year old would eat but whatever!

All in all it was great celebrating with my friends since everyone is so busy with homework, work, internships and clubs. It was great having everything back to normal for that night.

Another great thing that happened this week is that J.Cole (my favorite rapper) released his album (2014 Forest Hill Drive) so everyone who has not already heard it listen to it! I’ll be doing a review on the album for the Campus Herald so check that out as well!

I got sick this week which really sucks and I’m still recovering from my cold but I am feeling better. I recommend if you’re sick go to the Wildcat Cafe (formerly YenaBucks) and order “Medicine Ball” which is a mix of two teas (mint and camomile) with honey. It tastes really good and its great for colds (hence the name) lol. Being sick all weekend bummed me out so this was my expression all weekend.

So I hope everyone has a great week of class and is ready to be packed and go home for winter break! Be safe and have fun! :)