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Exploring Denver: The Mercury Cafe

Tonight, I and a group of friends visited The Mercury Cafe here in Denver to watch their Open Mic Poetry Night. As we drove down the street, we spotted a windowed building, full of warm colors and soft, strung lights. I said, “Hey guys I think this is it?” and received a resounding chorus of “YESSSS” and “It’s so pretty!!”

We walked in and were even more in awe. It seemed like everything you’d want in a comfy café. Homemade desserts (all sweetened naturally) and a list of coffees, as well as menus to order food from. We followed into the Jungle Room where the poetry was going to be performed and sat down, just taking in the beautiful curtained walls and red and white lights strung from the ceiling. Absolutely perfect ambience.

We ordered coffees and apple cider, as well as a “wild card” drink which a friend of mine told the barista to make whatever she thought would taste good. Everything was… more than good! The apple cider was particular great, all warm and spicy. Perfect for warming you up on a winter evening!

As people stepped up to read or perform poems, all you could do was sit and listen to people as they got into each individual rhythm of each unique poem. Such talent and brilliance from most of poets, it was lovely.

All around assessment: I can’t even think of a word to describe how great this experience was. I cannot wait to go back!

I’m so sorry about the lack of pictures in this post, I did take some but it honestly seemed like a disservice because none of the pictures could capture how truly comfortable and pretty it was!