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Comment allez-vous?

With the first week of winter tri behind us and winter break close enough to taste, I want to take this time to catch you all up on my last few weeks through prose. (Please note that I am no Shakespeare or Dr. Seuss. I am lucky these even rhyme).

1. Thanksgiving is gone,

It’s back to our lives.

Such food we consumed,

no need of forks and knives.

2. Winter Tri starts, oh what a joy.

Some fresh study habits, I hope to employ

Psychology, French, and statistics to boot

I hope this whole year doesn’t leave me kaputt

3. Tannenbaum, tannenbaum, how you shine

your glittering lights are something divine.

Soon home I’ll be, comfortable beneath the tree,

not a care in the world, just me and my family.

Until next best beloved,