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Winter Tri Already?!

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was fabulous - I’m sure it was because who doesn’t love Thanksgiving?!

We had a nice chunk of days off which was great for me because I saw so much of my family and friends on the time spent at home. Thanksgiving was great this year - the morning was spent watching the parade with my family - a Spain family tradition and we had delicious north Jersey bagels for breakfast…bagel and lox galore to say the least! After spending the morning relaxing we went to my aunt’s house where we ate even MORE amazing food. She lives in a very hilly and woodsy neighborhood - and with the snow it was picture perfect (check out the pic!). Between that gorgeous picture and the beautiful turkey we ate, you can only imagine what a great day I had!

The next day was Black Friday and while I am normally not into the craziness of shopping on that day, the opportunity arose for my sister, mom, and grandma to go to the Short Hills Mall since my grandma lives there! The mall is incredible and there were some awesome sales! Below was Erica (my sister) and my damage!

More family friend visits happened throughout the weekend since we were in New Jersey and haven’t seen everyone in a while! It’s so nice seeing everyone in a short amount of time if it has been so long.

Monday morning though, I packed the car up again and headed back to Providence. But before that though, I had to stop at Wegmans because it was my friend Shelby’s birthday! I got her this hilarious cake and my pledge class all celebrated with her when we got back.

It’s been a great week - cannot believe we are back into the swing of things only to be on winter break shortly!