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Nothing like family and good food!

I was so happy to get down to Florida for Thanksgiving! Gaebe Commons here in Providence looked like a ghost town last Saturday - seemed like if you weren’t an RA or SA you were expected to make the trek home. I caught my flight on Saturday afternoon and happily landed in 70-degree weather.

I learned a pretty expensive lesson in air travel on Sunday though - if you’re checking a bag, don’t put your laptop in it. I put mine in a padded zippered sleeve in between my clothes, and it was still damaged at some point between checking and baggage claim. The screen is just barely visible, which is why I’ve been without a computer for a week. It’s fixable, but there goes $160 I wasn’t planning on spending. Thanks, TSA!

Besides that, our Thanksgiving was great. My parents just moved from south to central Florida, so I saw the house for the first time. I loved exploring the tiny beach-side town of Melbourne Beach !

By Thursday, we traded our shorts and T-shirts for pants and coats as it got down to the low 50’s. It was cold outside, but I stayed pretty warm in the kitchen, in charge of breakfast (pumpkin chocolate scones), apple pie, and pumpkin pie. I loved putting my newly acquired pastry skills to good use!

For now, I’m back in chilly Rhode Island and can’t wait to get the winter term started! Hope you all have a safe trip back to your campuses, and I hope you’re looking forward to the new term as much as I am!