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Holiday in Boston!

As soon as I finished all final exams on Thursday, I were not hesitated to head to Boston for visiting my sister during the holiday school break.

We went to ‘North End' and 'The New England Aquarium’.

Nearby the north end, there is ‘Boston HarborWalk' which has spectacular views every step of the way. It is one of those amazing hidden gems in town. There are infinite picture-taking opportunities and lots of places to sit down and rest if you want to.


The New England Aquarium is pretty nice either. There is an enormous tank in the middle of the aquarium, which is about 3 stories tall.

My favorite part is the seal and penguin exhibitions. I accidentally took a selfie with the diver. It was funny though.



Also, there is a circular walkway all around, and you can walk straight up to the top where the tank is actually open.

It is a must see if you are visiting Boston and interested in a variety of sea life.

- Enjoy your Holiday!