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The Final Count Down (Pt. 1)

The crisp fall air that proceeds throughout the city is lovely to those who have already graduated but to Johnson & Wales students it comes as a warning sign that it is, inevitably, part one of finals season. Finals season comes in three installments, as does your emotions about said season. The end of our first trimester marks the beginning of our Thanksgiving break and is, as I believe, the second hardest of the three finals weeks. While it is the first finals of the year and you students are determined to do well, it is also extremely hard to focus when all you can think about it is visiting family, going home for a week and so much food. This is especially hard at a school with such a large culinary department. On the walk to your final you may pass countless culinary labs baking and cooking away and it just seems cruel that the only thing stopping you from devouring your Thanksgiving dinner is a few tests.

To all of you future JWU’ers here are a few personal tips for surviving your first Finals Season

1. Starbucks (lots and lots of Starbucks)

2. Eat before you go to class. Taking a big test on an empty stomach is a no go. You won’t be able to concentrate on anything except that voice in the back of your head that’s saying, “I wonder if my professor can hear my stomach growling from his podium,” or “Can Jimmy John’s deliver to a classroom?”

3. Don’t cram. Spacing out your studying sessions will help you to not stress out or stay up way too late the night before your test.

4. It’s okay to have a little meltdown. Just get it out of the way so you can pick yourself back up in time for class.

5. More Starbucks.

6. When it’s all said and done, treat yourself for all of the hard work, stress and Starbucks you just went through.