JWU Student Blogs


Thursday was quite the night! It started with the Pre-Midnight Madness over on Harborside with my two best friends, Ray and Dan (the one with the hat). The fresh smell of popcorn, the slight drizzle of the rain, the boom of the music, and the voices of people saying, “Get a stamp and get a free t-shirt!” greeted Dan and I as we arrived. We began looking for the SGA booth were Ray was. When we found it, I noticed they had blue and gold face paint, and I made Ray paint stripes on my face. He painted the blue stripes perfectly, then completely messed up with the yellow so I had him take off the yellow all together. Unfortunately, you could see the yellow on my face, but I was too lazy to go to the bathroom and wash it off so I just dealt with it all night.

After an hour or so of waiting outside, we made our way into the gym, ready for Midnight Madness to begin! Midnight Madness is a pep rally filled with activities and cool prizes! There was a mixed basketball game to start followed by cheer leading and then a dance competition along with a photo booth provided by the Campus Herald and mini games in between each event! My favorite part of the night was the girls basketball team dancing because they danced to High School Musical’s “Get’cha Head in the Game” and various other songs! Midnight Madness is definitely a great event and is something I recommend for every student to attend at least once during their JWU careers!

Following Midnight Madness, I went to my room and ate some food from Saki’s (a delicious restaurant across from Gaebe Commons that’s open until 2 am!). Eliza, my roommate, decided to point out that it was beginning to snow, and I rushed to the window to look! I made her get dressed and go outside with me to play in the snow! When we got outside, I began frolicking in the baby snow that was more on the slush side. Eliza mentioned how I looked like the biggest little kid and this was only slush and that she couldn’t wait to see me when it actually began to snow! After a few minutes outside, I called my mom and my two best friends back home and told them about the baby snow! It was such a great night, and I can’t wait to play in actual snow!