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When It's Cold You...

Hot chocolate. Pumpkin pie. Toasty fires. These are the elements of winter that make it all worth it. And as our fall trimester comes to an end, we reflect on the triumphs and road blocks of fall 2014.
Personally, this semester flew. From starting a new job and adjusting back to full time student life, it didn’t take long for me to loose track of the weeks of class. It was a far cry from the achingly slow fall tri I had my freshman year, and I know some of you can attest. But as a witness, I charge you to cherish it. All too soon the ease and freedom of freshman year will yield to the mad hustle that is called Sophomore year at Johnson & Wales.
I can’t say I had a particular highlight of this semester but looking back, I am proud. Proud of what I undertook, proud that I didn’t give up no matter how difficult, and proud of the connections I made despite my busy schedule. I also felt pride watching the incoming class establish themselves at the university. Months of memories flood back to me as if I were some long graduated alumnus, reminiscing over the “glory days”. But despite my first year not being that long ago, I am proud of each and every freshman who decided that food is their passion and would not be discouraged to pursue it.
So, on the eve of our last week of classes before break, I say well done wildcats. Let’s bid fall adieu and start winter tri like we really mean it.

All my love,