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The Mushroom Council with the RCA


Out of all the events I’ve ever been to, this special event was one of the best events I’ve ever been to. The amount of information I’ve learned in this hour and a half seminar is phenomenal.

What exactly is the Mushroom Council? What is the RCA?


The Mushroom Council is an organization that represents mushroom growers (not sure whether it’s international or domestic) to educate, conduct, research and promote fresh (more the use of) mushrooms.

The RCA (Research Chef Association) focuses on the research of Culinology- the blending of culinary arts and the science of food.


Cool facts that you (well I) probably didn’t know:

  1. There are about 38,000 varieties (1% - 2% are deadly): So it’s very hard to say that you dislike mushrooms.
  2. It takes a least 20 times before you know you like or dislike something - Yes, I was surprised. Now I would never say I don’t like something until I try it… 20 times.
  3. Mushrooms are neither a fruit of a vegetable: It’s a fungus.
  4. Mushrooms have more in common with meat (especially ground beef) than any vegetable: In fact, mushrooms can actually be hidden in many meats and you may not even know it’s there.
  5. Mushrooms have no Known allergens/diets: If someone says they’re “allergic” to mushrooms… they’re probably… unaware.
  6. Mushrooms is the #1 topping on any meat.

For more information about the Mushroom Council of the RCA visit: http://mushroomcouncil.org/ and http://www.culinology.org/