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Last Week at JWU Denver: Rose Levy Beranbaum

Have you ever heard the name Rose Levy Beranbaum? Maybe you recognize the name, perhaps not.

But if you’re baker, or even if you’re not, you’ve probably heard of her tenth and latest cookbook:



On November 13th, last Thursday, Rose visited JWU Denver as a Distinguished Visiting Chef and spoke to a group of rapt Baking & Pastry and Culinary students about her history in baking and about some of the revolutions she has introduced to the field.


She brought an abundance of wit and fascinating stories from her experiences with setting her own rules in the science of baking. For those interested in food writing, she even spoke about her background in writing and going through the publishing process for almost a dozen cookbooks.

For samples, some of the baking students had followed one of her recipes for meringue cookie ice cream sandwiches, for which she indulged the story behind. The treats were absolutely delicious!

Creamy cold ice cream paired with crisp sweet meringue and crunchy pistachios, they were perfect!

It was absolutely lovely to see Rose Levy Beranbaum and hear some of her “secrets” first hand! It definitely served as a major motivator for us to remember to discover for ourselves the rules about what we can and can’t do, both in our careers as chefs and bakers, and elsewhere!

I’m so excited to see what other experts in the field we will see this year here at JWU!