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Hey everyone! Last night was Midnight Madness here on the Providence campus and let’s just say that it was amazing to see the whole student body cheering on one another! For those who don’t know what Midnight Madness is or have never attended it is basically a large pep rally showcasing all of the athletic teams we have on campus. The Pre-Midnight Madness was also fun outside on the green in front of the Wildcat Center where I got to have some hot chocolate, popcorn and a free t-shirt! This was my second Midnight Madness and what made it exciting was that I got to help out the Campus Herald and write an article on the event. The Campus Herald created a photo booth where you could take pictures with your friends with a wildcat backdrop. The pictures you can find (if you took one, or just want to look at some) are found on our Facebook page! My friends and I had a blast cheering on the athletic teams, dance teams and sororities in their performances in front of everyone. I hope everyone who was able to make it had a great time!