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Fundamentals of Food Service Production Practical

Last Thursday was my last day for Fundamentals of Food Service Production. For the practical in this class we were required to create three recipes - one entree, one starch, and one veggie, in under three hours to serve 6 people. Three hours seems like more than enough time. However, considering the fact that everything is made from scratch and the recipe must be followed verbatim, It’s easy to understand how 3 hours could seem like a very short time.

Each Student is graded on there ability to saute, shallow fry, and bake. I scored a 14 out of 15 for sauteing, a 12.5 out of 15 for shallow frying, and a 12.5 out of 14 for baking. The Chicken Picatta was sauteed, the Fried Broccoli was Shallow fried, and the Stuffed Tomato was Baked.

Overall I am really satisfied with the way I preformed. If I have went a little faster on my mise en place I definitely would have done a lot better.

Next Up, Purchasing and Product Identification