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Ok DON’T panic you got this…You have been preparing yourself for these finals all term…Your professors, tutor(s), people at the learning center have seen you through it all! Lets take a breath and relax this is the final week before you dive into the pool of long final exams.

Here are my top five most helpful tips for test anxiety (credit to Academic Center):

1. Break Your Studying Up & Prepare ahead of time: Make a study plan! Don’t do anything last minute…You will stress yourself out. Just make a study schedule, start looking over what you have, but most important make sure everything is organized so that your study sessions will easier.

2. Recognize and Redirect: Have anxiety or doubts?? Confront them and and keep a mind set of “I will do the best I can” or “I will succeed”

3. SLEEP!!!!! & EAT: Get all your rest the night before your exams and be sure to eat but not too much.

4. Visualize Success: Picture yourself in the exam receiving the test and you know EVERYTHING…You’re confident…You know that you’re about to turn in an outstanding paper. Picture what you want to happen and make it your reality!

5. DONT BE FIRST: Don’t rush through your test. Take your time and analyze your answers. If you rush you may skip a question or leave out good information for your professor. A few extra minutes going over your test could determine whether you get a B or A.


Most importantly TAKE BREAKS! Don’t sit in front of your material for hours and hours; try mediating and relaxing your mind.