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Autumn Culinary Workshop

Every so often, there are workshops held for Culinary and Baking and Pastry students. They are a great way to learn something new or get practice on something you learned in class. For those like me, who had academic classes for the first trimester, those skill sessions are great ways to stay connected with your major, even when you might not be taking labs that particular trimester. Last week, on Halloween, several chefs got together to hold a fun, laid back, multi-faceted skill session with fall-themed activities.

There was candy making in one lab, where people were making caramel apples, salt water taffy, and peanut brittle, amongst other sweets.

In another kitchen, there was pizza-making. There were all kinds of toppings set out, with little balls of dough to roll out… and practice tossing in the air (Which was so fun!). We made both pizzas and calzones and munched on them for lunch.

In the last lab, there was pumpkin carving! Of course, a selfie with the pumpkin was mandatory at this point.

Definitely one of my favorite workshops that have been offered so far this year! Okay, maybe it’s second to the Liquid Nitrogen Workshop, which I will talk about another time :)