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The Four Major Procedures to Having a Great Day in the Kitchen

Being properly prepared before entering the kitchen for work is extremely crucial. If one enters a kitchen unaware of what his/her duties are, he/she will most likely not get all task that need to be done. Before entering a kitchen for work, one must be organized, energized, and in peak condition in order to have a successful day. Once these three crucial qualities are present all other work will fall in to place. Gaining these qualities takes time. However, through great consistency, these qualities will come naturally.
The following will demonstrate what needs to be done in order to have a successful day in the kitchen:

  • Converted Recipe - All recipes should be converted to the desired yield as well as a shortened description that is also legible.
  • Condensed Prep List - Instead of flipping through each recipe, having a one condensed prep list of all the recipes need with the proper amounts will save a large amount of time.
  • Timeline - One should also have a general idea of what time they should be done or starting certain tasks, a 3 hour timeline will help do so.
  • Plate Map – A plate map is used to demonstrate how the dish should be served and a general idea of proper portion sizes.

If all four components are properly prepared before the big day, one will have a smooth and successful day at work. Knowing what is needed for each recipe by memory prevents the cook from constantly referring back to the original recipe. Converting each recipe to a desired portion size prevents the cook from making too much or too little of a dish. Creating a condense list prevents the cook from flipping through every recipe which saves a large amount of time. The three hour timeline makes sure I have an idea of how long it should take to complete certain parts of a dish which keeps the cook on track. The plate map helps the cook illustrate what I expect the meal to be presented on the plate.


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