JWU Student Blogs

All about October


My first Halloween was great! Me and Claire dressed up and went to the Graduate Student Association Halloween Wildcat Party. We had a good time meeting other students from school.

I also got a chance to do pumpkin carving again on last Friday. It was hosted by JWU Global Citizen Program at Bridge Center. This time was more creative and the pumpkin decoration was fun!


In early October, it was my birthday and at the end of the month was my close friend’s birthday so we celebrated together twice this month. We all make a rule that on any of our friends’ birthday, a birthday person will get a JWU sweater so we can wear it as a team!

I got a grey sweater and a blue t-shirt. My friend will get a pink one (It is her favorite color).


You don’t know how much I enjoyed my October.

- Mint Pattanan