JWU Student Blogs


Hey everyone! So this week has been BEYOND stressful with work filing in from everywhere imaginable but I worked really hard and I was able to finish everything and have a little fun:) I was able to go pick a pumpkin from UIB’s event held on Gaebe Commons. I was also able to see the movie Sinister on Thursday also hosted through UIB which I had been dying to see and it was really good so I totally recommend it! The movie helped kick of my friends and I Halloweekend as well! I was also able to go out with my friends and dress up for Halloween and have a fun and safe trip. I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween and don’t forget to do your work! I can’t believe its already November and we’re almost done with Fall tri! We got this Wildcats and don’t forget to have a little fun when life gets a little stressful.image