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Last Week at JWU Denver: Frightmare Week

And the story is in! Frightmare Week here at Johnson & Wales Denver was… AWESOME. Our incredible Campus Activities Board put together so many fun events for the week, all of them with a Harry Potter theme, and they did a great job!

On Monday, there was The Daily Prophet Photo Booth set up, complete with some fun props! You could complete your pictures with Dumbledore’s beard, some wands, Luna Lovegood’s glasses, Hedwig, or even Harry Potter’s own glasses and lightning scar!

That evening, the Criminal Justice department set up a truly scary circus-themed “Haunted Crime Scene.” Not going to lie, I let out some pretty good screams here! They did such a great job, you could barely even recognize the scene as part of the school! Their props and makeup were amazing and even better, they rewarded those they scared with some delicious Butterbeer!

On Tuesday, students were invited to “Professor Snape’s Potion Making.” We got to make our own pretty little vials of “potion” with ingredients like Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder, Boomslang Skin, and Essence of Dittany.

During the evening, it was time for a rousing game of Quidditch! Anyone could come brave the October chill, enjoy some apple cider, and play a short game or support the other students! I played a game or two, chasing after “Quaffles” on the grass, under the lamps of campus. (And okay, not to brag but my team totally won)

On Wednesday, there was a table for “Honeyduke’s Candy.” Anyone could come and fill up a bag of magical sweets like Licorice Wands and Pepper Imps! That night, there was a showing of a scary movie, As Above So Below, to get everyone in the mood for Halloween.

And lastly, on Thursday, CAB offered “Dark Mark” Tattoos!


And my favorite event of the week happened on Thursday night, the Monster Mash!

Everyone showed up in costume and boogied! Seeing everyone’s costume was so fun. There was not only one, but two, Slender Mans, and at one point of the evening, they had an absolutely hilarious dance-off. There were fairies, witch doctors, a holy cow, and even the embodiment of Christmas (which you can see in the picture as the shining girl with lights around her waist).

Frightmare Week was such a blast, I’m so excited to see what is in store here at JWU for the upcoming holidays!