JWU Student Blogs

New addition to the blogging team!

Hey guys! I’m Lexy! I’m just now joining the blogging team hailing from the North Miami campus! I’m a marketing major and am so excited to be on board! To begin I just wanted to share some of my favorite JWU North Miami adventures this far:

1) Wynwood Art District!

Super creative part of downtown Miami with incredible with creative graffiti artwork everywhere!


2) Miami Beach!


There is literally nothing like coming from Virginia (where the water is murky) to Florida and being able to look down and see your feet in the water —- Hallelujah! The beaches down here also have so much going on from art/music festivals all the way to people selling coconuts.

3) DECAdence


Just like Anna, the other blogger from North Miami’s campus, I am heavily involved in DECA. It actually is the whole reason I transferred into Johnson & Wales! We hosted a huge event last weekend celebrating Halloween and it was just a blast. Eating a doughnut off a bone is definitely a skill I do not have!

#4) Lastly, of course, very fitting to Miami the on campus POOL!


Sunbathing at the pool on Sunday afternoon’s is one of my very favorite things that this campus offers! The pool is open just about everyday, but most days I work such long hours that I don’t have the chance to go visit, but it’s definitely a hangout location on campus and very utilized!

Hoping everyone has a SPOOKTACKULARY and safe Halloween weekend!