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0.o Hallow's Eve o.0

Halloween is TOMORROW so here’s a little poem I wrote in the spirit of it;)

Autumn oh how I love you color scheme

Beautiful almost like a dream

Crazy how it’s already Halloween

Don’t be afraid of dangerous teens

Eating their candy they stole right in front of you

For they don’t know any better

Good grief as Charlie Brown would say

Halloween is really here

I can’t wait to party all night long

Jacklelatern will be lighter than ever

Kids will be in by then

Lets make noise and be someone else tonight

Maybe I will be an Angel

No I’ll be a nurse

One with sexy red piercing lips and drippings of blood

People will think I’m a crazy vampire nurse

Quickly I will run to the store and prepare to wow others

Ready to prowl and bat my eyes with a smile to kill

Shoot its only one night

To be or not to be whomever and whatever I want to be

Usually I’d be home on this night

Very alert of my surroundings

What is it about Halloween that brings out the crazy is us

X-ray the minds of those that want to be serial killers because that’s not right

Yet they are the ones running muck at a party

Zap lets get this long night started